Our Services

Financial Reporting

We have extensive experiences on financial reporting, in different forms. From financial resources rules report, to dynamic analytics system.

Our competitive advantage is built upon clients' needs, without changing the existing infrastructure.

Office Automation

We strive to provide different sort of automation system which speeds up the workflow of your business. Freed from the tedious and repetitive tasks, you can focus your core competency.

We leverage common software like Microsoft Excel, to build a variety of booking, reporting and workflow tools. As a result, a tailor-made solution is delivered to your business.

External IT Consulting

For many SME (small and medium enterprises), installing a large scale IT department to support their IT activities, such as daily support, infrastructure upgrade, software projects, is not feasible nor cost-effective.

We understand your constraints. We have IT professionals to help with different IT issues, from setting up email system to overseeing infrastructure upgrade.

Financial Resources Rules

One of our clients, based at Hong Kong, had new financial products to be issued, where new reporting was required to comply. We established a financial resources rules (FRR) reporting system based on SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) requirements.

The client has an existing middle-office trade-booking system, which has graphic interface to allow users to browse the trades and positions. Our approach was to output trade and position reports from the system, in order to utilize existing resources, and build new modules to output reports.

Next we had to calculate liquid assets (LA) and ranking liabilities (RL) accordingly. The main challenge is to pairing up principal instrument and hedging instrument, then applying different FRR rules accordingly.

Accumulator/Decumulator Booking System

We unleash the potential of Microsoft Excel. One example is a booking system for financial products (accumulator/decumulator).

Without implementing additional software systems, we helped clients to book their financial products into Excel spreadsheet. It is able to download stock quote, determines fixing day, prepare fixing and knock out advices, calculate stamp duty, and etc. The whole workflow is highly automated and staff can use without extensive training.

Contact us for your needs and we do the rest for you.

Candidate Management System

One of our clients is a head-hunting agency. Their staff process hundreds to thousands of resume from different candidates.

About Us

We are specialised in financial reporting systems.

Nowadays, there are numerous financial systems offering front to back solutions for financial institutions. However, report generation is a painstaking process as there are many different kinds of reports needed every day, which takes huge amount of cost to customise for different usage, as most financial software vendor ask for high cost to customise their own reports.

Our strength is to work with existing software infrastructure and create new reporting systems that suit your own needs.

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